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2016 2017 YouTube top top 5 top5 Вирусные Ютуб видео года лучше напугали популярный ролики с... смотреть топ топ 10 топ 5 топ10 тренды угар

*im depressed* forever
2nd clip was sooo cute ❤
6:48 is trully the best
16adam s 02
Roses are red,\nViolets are blue,\nThe title is english,\nSo why arent you?
Alex N
What's the music? It's really nice. 1:47
Alfonso Antunez
1:45 is where hot teacher starts.. 😂 lol
Ashish khaitan Vlogs
I'm not the only one who came before the thumbnail
Black Mamba
an english comment passing through
Bruce Williams
I left a dislike because of the misleading title. \
Bulls 4ever
How come this video doesnt have the most views...?? 🤔
C Y?
Cale Doak
6:42 When u have no friends...
Can i get 1000 Subs with no videos?
Yup that was 5
If I had a teacher that looked like that at 1:55 I would have never missed a day of school.
-О кажется вот она , -это ты ильдар? -ААА не понимай я турист из пиздабольсбурга приехал по важным делам\n6:08
Christopher Reilly
So Ya, min 1:44 needs to show some students or its just another Amateur vid on Porn Hub.
Claydson Alves
1:45 impossível se concentra r na aula a mente estaria em outro lugar...
1 43-1 58.....this clip reminds me of Miss Hoffman when I was in Jr High School in Milwaukee during the summer doing American Literature....and the rides I get from her going home....great memory! While I'm at...title is misleading...there are more than top 5 here...WAY more!
Слишком черный юмор на 0 08
Daire McCourt
1:37 you just ruined my day
Danny Heflin
This is why I Call It POO TUBE
Darren Bee
I doubt these are the top viewed videos either.
David Betancourt
The music just fitted perfectly when I was staring at the teacher 🔥🔥🔥🙌
Dhananjay narjan kuppe
Dinamiteur Dinamiteur
5:05 NOoOoOoOoOoO 🤯🤯🤯
EA 1017
Top 5 click bait videos on YouTube \nComing in at #28: this video
Elias Jensen
I can't be the only one who counted more than 5 videos.
2:06 sad
Grace Robertson
That intro music is like sued on over 10billlllion YouTube channels.\n\n\n\nI’m jk it’s cool.
Grammar Police Unit A273
1:44 Must be really hard to focus on math during her classes.
Ja Z
0:48 looks like the guy from Full Metal Jacket
Jasmine & Haitham
i thought *Despacito* will be on the top of the list Yeah *Despacito*
Jason West
Who could learn anything with that hotass teacher..? Seriously
John Hance
5 is before 6 and after 4. Not so hard... or is it.
Jorge Alberto
Uff que maestra aver dame unas lecciones
Justin White
I need hoes plz
Kylle Hufalar
That guy in the bathroom though 5:35 haha XD poor cat
Lasse DK
came here for the hot teacher!! :P :P :P
Le Hoang Phat
3:05 why he cried : ( ...\n\n \n\n\n\n\nif it was a nice f*
Matt Hudson
Who is that teacher?!
Matt Plyley
If I were in the 1:45 teacher's class I'd show up early, burn all the furniture in the classroom so she would have to sit on my face.
Max Holzer
at 151   Damn it IF one of my High School Teachers Looked like That, I wouldn't have missed a single day of School.
I dont think this guy knows what top 5 means
Mizzou Rah
6:35 = GENIUS Dad!
Nitish Reddy
I am disliking the video
Patliputra Technical
https://youtu.be/OTRQ7ZYlo7k\n\nअगर अच्छा लगे तो Please शेयर कीजिएयेगा और अपना प्यार बनाये रखिये वीडियो Dawnload करने के लिए लिंक पे क्लिक करें \nऔर अगला वीडियो देखने के लिए चैनल को Subscribe करे प्लीज भाई
Perfectgossip 23
3:05 Oh my God
Preston Thrasher
5:20 cat fist bump.
Rachel Jayne
I've never been good in math so this is just a guess but I'm pretty sure...\n\n\n\n\n\nTHERE'S MORE THAN FIVE FRIGGIN VIDEOS NIMROD!!!
Royal Gao
I have never watched any of these LOL
Salounii Khonah
Someone who needs to learn 123 is the mr fox(uploader)
Salovan Games
can you count to 5?
Sam Vander
1 minute saving Rosie from being beached.
Shane Sunkel
Top 5?? Saw about 25 clips? Bullshit, but would still shag that teacher!
Soko Moko
but despacito is the most viewed video on youtube, i dont understand the title. I've never even seen any of these videos, the title is clickbait.
Tc Doug
I am so Thankful I do Not live\nin Sh|thole African country
I thought 3:20 was the world's biggest suicide attempt.
ThunderZygarde - Unknown Adventures & More
Top5 ?
TnC Young Classic
Bro check your maths in the title.
Udara Vimarshana
Ulan Sovetov
Где русские
Vaya La papaya
Que lastima el perrito
These are not top nor are there 5 of them
Uploaders most watched worst videos
Ну нам с подругой по 11 лет, мы стараемся снимать качественный контент, например \
Yasuo Jason
1:45 нам би такую, класуху
Yusimitsu Gaming
1:45 She is hot ASF
Zach Culp
You have successfully wasted 7 and a half minutes of 13 million people's lives...\nWell played soldier well played
Zero Vll_
so who's gonna link the teacher at 1:45 socials? Asking for a friend
0:21 Toyota Prius?
aashu sarswat
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ameerkhan kp
1:44 like it
darrin ditcharo
7:26 she's sexy hot 😁😁
There's not one damn English comment
dharmendra kumar
when this teacher enter in a class of 12 student then all 24 stand-up
frank magadan
The guy who awoke next to his sister was the best.
clickbait. these garbage vines are nowhere near most viewed
john fog
99% percent of the people who came here was because of the thumbnail. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
john smith
Hello other English speakers
kiruki chan ツ
Русские! Англичане захватили мир! ОНИ ВЕЗДЕЕЕЕ
legend song
2018 2019??? 🤔
living as Samyra-Ann
They're most viewed but i never seen them 😂😂
no name
If you listen to 5:56 in (slowmotion 25) it will summon a demonic spirit. Legit
omei malaysia
All the videos highlighted was freat but ... Why TOP 5 ?
Isn't this just a bunch of videos that this channel stole from other channels?
slayernut 666
These are the most viewed videos on YouTube...? Really...? 🤔🤔🤔
sue bob
whats the intro\nsong
Bwahahahahaahaa The dude that was trolling with hay bales on a midnight bender got him a catch and release. Vodka causes trauma LOL
work is worship
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Евгения Уш
2.08 слепой кот 🐈 душка , здоровья по крепче ...
Иван Подгорных
Хорошее видео. Никаких падений и травм
Ксения Слободчикова
Лежу в реанимации после операции и ржу, больно и смешно😂😂😂
киса лпс ня киса лпс ня
Это фиаско братан!
Jackie Chan move. If you watch it at slowest speed, you can really tell how amazing this guy is. The form he takes right before he gets into it is some really crazy stuff