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The internet is home to some very chilling videos that still elude a direct explanation. Events, which give us goose bumps, and at times disturb even our very soul and sanity. Here are the top 10 unexplainable videos that will give you chills.Subscribe for more! ►

10 Be Amazed amazed be beamazed caught on camera caught on tape caught on v... chills creepy mysterious mystery paranormal top top 10 unexplained

A Miner
it could be Michael Jackson hehe
Abby’s Life
I...HAVE.......SO……… MUCH..... HOMEWORK!!
Amanda's Sky
That was a blackguy in that house wearing a green sweatshirt and the next one in the prison is from Ghost hunters!
Angela Demaray
Antonis Kofteros
#5. I couldn't spot it (the other entity). Where is it?!?!?
Axx Kxx
#8 You can actually see her when he turns back for a split second then he goes forward and his view is obstructed making her look like she disappeared.
I ain’t scared I’m still bored...\nI’m more scared from the exams tomorrow than these things :|\nWish me luck\nlul
Barry SellomMeepz
Those people dont even go and help the guy!!!!! Hes probably injured physically and mentally!!!
Ben Middleton
Example of the average viewers opinion step by step:\n10- Obvious mechanical failure\n9- Flat out hoax, bad\n8- Didn't look like a woman. By time head turned camera was focused on point far beyond where supposed subject was. Possibly honest mistake but most likely a deliberate falsity\n7- Wow, another hoax and a very bad one. Why am I watching this, I hope it gets better\n6- Oh no another hoax and an even worse one, aren't they supposed to get better in a sensible progression. For God's sake just stop already\n5- Please understand that I am getting annoyed at the amount of extremely bad hoaxes. That are in a row. That are so easily explainable\n4- Never underestimate the ability of a professional film splicer and editorial engineer to be able to produce a hoax. Not a good one but better than the previous, but that wouldn't be hard\n3- \
The person didnt disappear off the bridge, the camera angle just didnt show her. Come on Jim, I expect better content than this from you. Also Why is it strange for a woman to be in the woods (oh no, a human being on earth... wtf)?
Bucky Preseau
these are all b.s.
Cadence James
My best friends house is right by the grave yard her room was a part of the original building when it used to be a grave diggers’ and we would often hear knocking on the raidiator in the hours between 3 and 4 am. After being a gravediggers it became an undertakers.\nThey have a spare room which was where the bodies used to kept. The kitchen was also part of the original when it used to be a gravediggers hutch. Last time I stayed we were in the kitchen and the tap turned on. When we went to turn it off as our backs were turned a glass fell off the table. It’s was midnight by this point so we decided to go to bed. In the spare room. I put my phone on the bed and put my bag on the floor. I got into the bed and went to grab my phone. It wasn’t there. Now I was creeped out I asked Bethany if she knew where I put it. She didn’t. I looked in my bag which was zipped up when it was open before and my phone was inside. I didn’t know how it got there. Bethany couldn’t have done it as she was at the other end of the room. We decided it was creepy enough and went to sleep. I was then woken up in the middle of the night by someone speaking in a croaky voice saying I have to wake up. I swear it was Bethany but she was still asleep snoring. I looked at my phone and it was 3 am exactly. There was someone breathing on my neck behind me. I didn’t turn around nor did I stay awake long enough to find out what or who. This was last month. Bethany and family went missing last week. Their cars and things were still there and there was no sign of break in. No one knows what happened.
#4 was from the SyFy/SciFi show Ghost Hunters. They attempted to recreate the event after they saw it, having one of their own wearing a blanket and rushing the camera and pulling back quickly. He nearly fell over the railing. Also to note, they discovered it was about 3 feet tall in comparison to the one who tried to recreate it. Hilarious that you couldn't do that research.
Creeper crafter
Guys help theres a monster in my room....\n\n\n\n\nIts my homework
Crystal and Robert Dominguez
Just so you know...... Taps (ghost hunters) is one of the first paranormal investigaters who started the ghost hunting revolution. Taps has collected undeniable proof of paranormal activity and paranormal evidence. They looked at their footage with a sceptical eye. #4 is their footage from an investagation they had done 10 or more years ago. They have so much respect in paranormal community for there efforts and they also set the way for future investigators all over the world! They coined the frase (DE-BUNKED ) and made rash exsplainations for some of the so called not so paranormal activity, and also getting actual evidence of real paranormal activity. \n I just don't see that using their footage and criticing what has been analysed by universities, professers, film analysts, and so many people who have degrees and the people who are in this field who just want to prove life doesn't end when we die. They have even invented new devices, plus utilized and upgraded their exsisting ghost hunting equipment. Please trust me, I mean no harm and with all do respect, this is just constructive criticism. I Really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I love TAPS and always will trust their opinions because they have always been rational.
Curtis Stewart
Simply fly the drone closer to the figure....
Daisy Janet
I live in Illinois and I told have experienced creepy things in a Hilton Hotel
Daniel Powers
Number 4 from from an episode of Ghost Hunters or similar TV show. I think it wss from s Halloween special
David Hawkingberry
Day Dreamer
Oh my God! A woman in a forest fully clothed and doing nothing! The end is nigh. Repent for this is the sign of the apocalypse! Next. A woman on one side of a bridge, then a minute later she wasn't there any more! How horrific as the only logical explanation was that she jumped. Wait, there were no reports of suicide. It's almost as if she walked across the street and went home
Dean Krol
Most of these are faked, no 2, the water company released a statement saying it was an April fools joke warning people about flushing certain things down the toilet. saying \
Denise Rigden
John was scared wasn't he I would be like john good old john
bill from billschannel said hi
Dylan Stone
Number 4 was from an episode of Ghosthunters
Eclectic Jon 101
If you're 12 years old or younger you'll probably believe some of these.
Elise Satter
Ok I’m just saying but the woman on the suicide bridge could have easily been a trick of the light or the camera, especially because it was blurry as a result of going fast. I see something that looks like a women but I don’t see a full outline, just colors of clothing and possibly hair. Also, people, namely YouTubers, do crazy things to get likes, views, and subscribers... such as photoshop or claiming that a blurry outline of a “woman” disappeared.
Its all click bait.\n\n#10 – You spot a woman entering in the wrong direction (clockwise) and pushing the revolving door, causing it to collapse upon the poor guy. Nothing mysterious about it.\n#9 – Its not a woman, but in fact 2 individuals in white thawbs chatting with one another. You can spot them at 2:30. One is facing the camera, the other facing to the side.\n#8 – The woman is still there, she simply cannot be seen due to the immense glare from the car passing right by her when the guy turns around.\n#7 – This is a hoax, there is a sheet of glass between the girl praying and the camera. The “ghost girl” is off the side of the screen while the glass picks up her faint reflection. Ghosts don’t have shadows, this one does.\n#6 – these guys pretty much admit it’s a hoax, so no comment about the screams. Dust floats across camera, suddenly ghosts.\n#5 – It’s a guy in a black hoodie with grey pants, probably a squatter (if he isn’t in on the hoax).\n#4 – Nothing to discuss, already been debunked.\n#3 – clip of alien is from a movie/tv show, forgot which, possibly x-files episode, or Fire In The Sky. \n#2 – Sewer company admitted it was an april fool’s joke.\n#1 – Not sure why this is #1, chemical reaction happens in sewers, gooey foam overflows out of sewer grate. Only way it’d give me chills is if it started eating people. Nothing weird here, other than china being china.
All these videos were recorded with the gameboy advance camera attachment
Gabe García
This comment has\n*Z E R O*\nLikes.
It’s definitely mechanical problem
Gene Stewart
10 - The revolving doors are made to do that for maintenance and in emergency, just not when in use. It does look fairly violent. Malf, most likely. / 9 - Creepy forests are a global phenomenon. This is of a woman in a dress or nightgown. Why is that scary? Just some woods woman. Go to Appalachia and you'll see this all the time. / 8 - Vanishing woman; where'd she go? No where FOR her to have gone, so... what she ever actually there? Sure looks like it. Bizarre. / 7 - Japan is riddled with superstition, almost as badly as Murka. This one's a reflection in glass, most likely, made to boost belief in such things. / 6 - This is one of the best \
Eh, \
Happy Slappy
Why was Number 7 being recorded in the first place? Just HAPPEN to catch it on camera? Or see it and then start filming? Looks like video overlay. Clothes of the \
Heidi Hairul
If there's something strange in the neighborhood who do u call? Ghost busters!
Henry Oetama
I love the first one \nThe door it's just like \
It was me
J Shiloh Shea
12:05.. seen footage from tv show Ghosthunters...
Jaden Gill
the glass slam in his face
Jaylyn Hewitt
You know I was happy. I was smiling watching cat vids. Then I thought I saw a giant pancake. So then I clicked the vid. I watched the whole thing. Now I’m paranoid and can’t sleep. 😂😂😂😭😭😭
Joseph Stott
10 looks exactly like emergency doors activating, 9 why was the camera there if not to record the spooking prank? 8 there is a lovely walk way... somebody was jogging. They took so long to go back and look, that they never caught up to the person jogging in the opposite direction to the person taking the video (when they look back, light pollution blocked seeing the person). 7 why would a ghost have a shadow 6 or it was a puff of fog/smoke?... yeah I'm bored and can't be bothered watching the rest lol.
Julie Figueroa
Be Amazed What would be amazing would be of you had someone LITERATE write and narrate your videos. FWIW, there are several YT channels that teach you how to PROPERLY PRONOUNCE WORDS.\n\nFor example, the second letter \
Justin McNeil
#2 was a April Fools’ Day joke created by United Utilities to warn people about the perils of flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.\nyou did absolutely zero research. bravo!
Kaden Liverman
Num 1 made me think of Ghostbusters
Kevin Keller
Claims unexplainable videos\nProceeds to give logical explanations \n\n10: Failed Emergency Mechanic\n9: Person in a dress\n8: Mistaken blur\n7: Computer imaging or film overwriting\n6: Falsified\n5: Good acting and an extra friend or good computer imaging\n4: Ok I think you misunderstand how easy it is to tamper blurry footage\n3: Fabricated\n2: I don't know... \n1: Chemical spill from a foam company or something. Would need more research. \n\nPoint being, none of these except maybe 2 is unexplainable
#4 is not very old video. It's from Ghost Hunters, less than a decade ago...
Mad Max
redbull got sued for NOT giving you wings....can i sue these guys for NOT giving me chills...?
Mark Soares
The fact that the narrator asked if we thought it was just a mechanical issue or perhaps something more sinister when it CLEARLY looks like a door jam makes me want to fart and immediately lock him on the inside of the revolving doors dutch oven style.
Martyn Jennings
Simple explanation for number 9. Iive in walking distance of Cannock chase and the area in question was filmed when a man who takes residence in the chase was drying his clothes. The man in his 30's lives on the chase and we discovered him when we saw smoke eminating from the area. When we investigated he was drying his clothes. He chose a spot that he can hear people approaching and where people would take several minutes to get to him. He moves around the chase and there have been several spots found where the bones of animals in the chase have been disposed of next to a small camp fire. This isn't the white woman, it's just a man living rough illegally.
Someones in my room o_o\n\nIt's my mom
Meghan Mitchell
What exactly is a \
Melady 1606
Nope nope nope nope NOPE it is midnight not a good time to be watching this I will come back in the morning!!
Minister Sounds Nation
There's reupload of the \
Mohammed Hosein
Natsu Fan
All the time we say something or are something and then the radio says something about the same thing😯😯😯
OG Szxn
there...there you’re fine in the comment section...
Oliver James
I'm 61 and have over my lifetime seen some pretty strange things! I don't know enough about films and cameras to say if what is being shown is real or not. Images can be faked and some are flaws that just happen. However, I can say with all certainty that I and others HAVE seen things with our own eyes that can't be explained! Finally, take a minute and think about centuries ago where people who never had any contact with others from around the world somehow came up with some strange sightings that were nearly the same and could NOT have been told to other people in far off places. One story is of course ghost, another is the Yetti and our Native Americans with their Bigfoot, which of course goes by another name! Then there are creatures from another planet??? It makes one wonder about some of these stories. I can only talk about what I and others with me have seen, Ghost. I think that most who dismiss any and all sightings of different types of encounters would be more apt to accept them if they saw these things for themselves. Which is why I have told of my encounters in a reporter's view. I'm NOT looking to convert others to any of my views only to report what was seen. \nRemember this when thinking about any strange occurrences: Captains of ships, great ships have for hundreds of years reported of huge Rogue Waves that have swamped their ships. Each one was considered to be bad Captains! Not until the late 1960s when two scientists and their families went on a vacation together and a rogue wave came from out of nowhere and nearly sunk the ship. Then and only then did the world of science consider these rare events to be real!!!
Orozco Magy
Not that chills but not so much
Great videos !
Papaver Caelum
Number 2 is fake, the water company made this video to show you that you shouldn’t throw food or animals in your toilet
Non of them scared me but once I did see a ghost and it was reaching out to me and it emerged out of my air conditioning...
Prince Mc the Great
Blackeye kids are proven fake
Razvan Andrei: The drug
watch 2 girls 1 cup this is nothing lol
Rooster The Gamer
I have a explanation it’s called photoshop
Russell Wen
The Japanese ghost has a cloaking device.
A woman? In a dress? Going for a walk? In a popular woodland?\n\nImagine my shock!
Sammy Lane
Why is it that all these Sewer creatures all look like digital PS 3 game monsters??Any real,flesh and blood creature would charge at any intruder without thought.
Scott McClure
#4 was on an episode of “Ghost Hunters”. The narrator apparently has no idea where the video clip came from or is acting like he doesn’t. I used to do paranormal investigation and have had several things like that occur to my team and I.
Shannon Hill
Number one reminded me of the movie called \
Smooth Bobby
I believe that there is no such thing as ghost at all. When I was in Thailand, my friends told me that in a certain hotel and in a certain room, there were ghosts. I stayed in the said hotel and the said room for a few days. I must be very unlucky because I was unable to see any ghost at all. If anyone knows of any ghost, please tell the ghost to pay me a visit. I believe that parents used to frighten their children by telling them stories about ghosts so that the children would not wander too far away from home.
SparklingGarbage l-/ !
6:50 is that Hayley kiyoko?
Susi Games
1:49 why there is a demon from slavic mithology? In my country its Leszy
I love being Amazed up in this joint.
video at 7:45 is from Ghosthunters, I remember watching that footage during their investigation when I was 12. But also, it's like REALLY easy to find that footage being accredited to them.
Terry Licia
None were inexplicable.
I’m from cannock and I can safely say that woman was more than likely some lost druggie, very very common for cannock 😂
Tina &Tim Thompson
I thought this was THINGS that happened unexplained(like the ooze.....didn't know it was GHOSTS...GHOSTS ARE DEMONIC SPIRITS... IF YOU ARE VISITED AND IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU,IT'S TRYING TO MAKE PPL THINK THEY ARE DEAD PPL OR LOVED ONES. ( MY \
Tristan Cavanaugh
Glass doors used crush. Guy took mortal damage. Guy lost the battle.
Uhh the ghost footage of eastern state penitentiary was from Ghost Hunters. I should know... I remember watching that LIVE on Halloween years ago. Whoever you credited for that clip (satanicbreeze or whatever) is a liar and is not owned by that person. Property of ghost hunters Jason & Grant from T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic paranormal society)
Una Seckler
That \
Untoldgoat B
Don’t watch at 12:37 in the morning
6:58 ... or just another trespasser.
VHS surveillance footage have all kinds of glitches that look like \
William White JR.
Idiot Central, how may I take your call? Almost all of these are tricks of shadow, light, and flawed human perceptions. Guy on the bike that sees the 'girl'? Perception. Likely a feature of the bridge that looks wonky to the human eye under certain lighting perceptions. Hotel? While I can't speak for the audio, you can clearly see the guard pass his flashlight beam over a mirror TOWARD THE OUTSIDE OF THE ROOM!! Perception. Guy in the abandoned house? Likely a shadow cast by the other kid. Perception. Need I go on? \u003e_\u003e
Wow! A woman in a dress! In a forest! That is SO chilling! :-)
You should have added the video when the 2 guys visited an abandon church and a phantom starts playing the piano and actually kills one of the boys
People don't understand that in a world with 7 billion people coincidences tend to happen. Even if its one in a million that means its happened 7000 times.
#10 - The revolving door actually looks like a big gust of wind blew through it, pushing all the door panels together.\n#9 - This is either staged, or the drone caught just some random person in the trees who got creeped out and ran away when it was obvious the drone was watching her.\n#8 - That's a good question.\n#7 - Suspect just by the very fact someone was recording their kid sleeping.\n#6 - This is actually a short film that was made by an aspiring director.\n#5 - This is probably a squatter.\n#4 - Honestly this does just look like a person wearing a blanket or something. You can see the bottom part of their leg and feet as they turn and run in the other direction.\n#3 - Is a prank by the uploader's friends.\n#2 - The first one looks like a rat, and the second one looks like CGI.\n#1 - That looks like a chemical waste dump that probably backed up the sewer.
chuyo caca
the first one? is a No brainier! like that Asian lady that fell through an escalator? it gave in and produced the hole.
despicable scum of society
What gives me chills is when my mom caught me doing weird shit on internet and slide her slipper from her foot and slaps me with it.
#5:\n\nThe \
galaxy tears
That monster in the sewage was probably pennywise XD
Top 10 explainable videos that aren't scary at all.
kayla bosman
mount rushmore
It's never aliens :(
Jesus Christ. This video makes me weep for humanity.\n\nI think the woman on the bridge sums it up best:\n\n\
2:05 ..in order to spot a woman on the ground from that drone's height should mean that this woman was a giant. When the drone flew low its a different story. Also why is that everytime someone takes footage of something abnormal, strange or spooky its always done by someone speeding on something or falling off of a damn horse so as to not get a good shot at something. This is a drone with one menacing feature, depending on how it is used.....it can hoover....as in STOP AND GET A GOOD SHOT OF THIS SO CALL WOMAN!!!...hell..its done when you wanna go \