Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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funny funny f... funny video funny vine funny vines girl fails hot girl hot girls try not to laugh try not to laugh challenge try not to laugh or grin

2:53 I thought she was warming up XD
1000 subs without any videos?
2:53 Men can't do that!\n\n\n\n\n*You know why* 😏\nEdit:I'm the only one to like my comment
9 years old
Legendary abs training
0:00 song?
Alecs Ivan
4:46 He looks like a guitar player in a scene in Tom and Jerry.
Alejandro De Miranda
fake weights. There is no way with that frame she can lift that much weight with her pelvis. No freaking way.
5:30 TUNA Logistics, lul.
Ankit Bhandari
5:18 when she says she is home alone
Another Emo
0:11 *That one kid who is chill about anything*
Atrophy Queen
The elevator pissing guy needs a supreme ass whoopin.
Last song ?
Binish Benny
The intro sucks change it
Bojidar Simeonov
,at 0:26 I was like WTF 😱😂😂
Bongo Cat
1:04 of course its an asian
Brian M
4:15 fake
Carly Edwards
4:27 “Cmon guys I just need a ride”
Cassie Jackson
2:46 - The reason we're all here.
Craig Homerick
4:02 is fake
Dallas Long
That's just pure LUCK! ⛟
David Johnson
Very kind of that Lion to give those guys a push out of the park, I guess they must have broken down or something, ;-)
Day of the pugs !
Moments you wouldn't believe they were recorded presents-\n\n\n-A woman weight lifting....\n-Lighting striking over the ocean....\n-Beads dropping into a glass slowly\n-And dogs crossing the street\n\n\n*surprising
Demolition Ranch
2:52 hottest tranny ive ever seen ;)
Desconhecido 666
0:30 Cuidado essa Coca é Pepsi kkk
Desi Munda Rahul
1:23 she can't feel the pain 😂😂😂🤣
4:03 For those wondering how this works: This video is a computer simulation of a “Galton board” with Blender, an open-source 3D computer graphics software.\nFirstly, simulation was run with all white balls. When the objects all settled, they assigned each ball a color and ran the program again. (explanation from the original video on youtube)
Entfernter Verwandter
2:47 these are fake plastic weights...!
Erick Lucas
F.B.I Agent
Intro song ?
Frank Reynolds
4:24 When your Safari Ride runs out of gas.
I don't understand the clip with the girl during the hip thrust.. Should that be impressive? I have seen people do hip thrust with way more weight than that. I once saw a guy doing hip thrusts with 600 pounds
at 1:00\nCOOL .....the little pizzer got something in return for pizzing off the elevator!
04:03 what is going on there....❓❓❓❓\n👌👌👌😦😮
3:04 she's useing fake weights look her up she's already been exposed a lot of times for using fake weights
Isaac Asante
4:45 Gotta be a fun grandpa!
Ja Z
0:10 there goes the last 4 years of algebra.
00:52 why did I lmao at this
0:46 when you are sick of listening to elevator music 😂
Jonny Vegas
I love that smile she has after the pumps 3:04
Kavita Dev
1:47 This reminds me of \
Khaled Al-Rammah
00:16 I’m genuinely scared
Lol 😂 lift scene\n\nHey guys stop fighting I was talking about that elevator scene 😂😂\nIn our country we call it lift
Light Yagami
0:54 lmao that was hilarious
Luca-Sebastien Barret
0:09 well here we've got Wolverine\nAnd at 3:44 we've got Aquaman\nAaaaand at 3:53 we've got Thor
Manny Gonzalez
Estoy bien maleta lmfao
Marcel R
0:46 *E L E V A T O R K A R M A*
Matt Plyley
I'm still trying to figure out how all those marbles or candies got mixed up and dropped into all the same colors.
Max -x
0:52 lool it is not karma but because it is made In China
Max Sharpe
I refuse to believe she is that strong...must be fake plates shame on her
Mel !
THE POOR DOG (1:30ish)
Michael Norman
That's what that little elevater urinater gets.
Miguel Ángel
I want to know how many guys have been killed because they thought that mug looking like a ring was a funny joke to make
4:03 fake video...
My mature tech
Nathan Martin
That kid at 0:55 lol
Norah D.
2:17 is cool
Nosgoth Save
2:59 Блины из пенопласта ?  Сомневаюсь , что такая кошечка на это способна.
Oluwafemi Toyinbo
4:47 - *the best of all!*
PowerGaming Chief
Ragnar SK
4:46 is epic!!
Real Higgums
3:03 Need that thrusting power
SA Tahaa
4:09... how is that even possible???
I liked the girl with the weights even if their fake
Scott McClure McClure
The Tubes
What a waste of time
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1
3:56. Young Zeus
2:51 your welcome
Intro song?
StanleySimmons REACTIONS
1:00 Jordan Rants intro music
WHY would you take Molly and Percocet, the Molly would overpower the Percocet to the point where it would do nothing... dumbass song
Talha Ahmad
@1:08 that was so satisfying
The VSO Gun Channel
You know that you were hoping that that elevator pisser would get zapped. Don’t deny it
TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan
2:07 husky mission impossible
3:00 Fake as hell. A 5KG plate is visible on one side and a 20KG plate is visible on the other side. Assuming every other wide plate is a 25KG plate that would be 6 plates 300 pounds, plus the two \
Tyra Bloodthorn
That kid with the lighting is Jason Grace!
Victor Poulin
4:27 it's always great to have a lion around to push you along when you run out of gas.
Vishal Singh
Justice served with the elevator.
Y3tti Lo
1:24 RIP
aztec ninja
2:54 I'd give her a workout 😎
bad bob
I personally hope the little bastard at 00:45 gets his Karma sandwich.
4:02 HOW????? JUST HOW????????
da cake monster
0:47 was that Dennis from Linus tech tips?????????!!!!!!!!!!!
2:46 are fake plates. I wonder if that was the blondes idea, or if someone put her up to it. Pretty pathetic.
kheshire kat
0:35 I want
khushboo sharma
0;55 bloody cheap fellow😈
nuff said
at 3.00 is that girl married,or for hire.
starco_ marichat
WTF⁉️ 😂😂😂lmao. How did her voice do that
toxic quesadilla
Сергей T.
По пизде дощечкой)))
سودانى شديد
Russia is a hell of drug😂