Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2017

Welcome to JukinVideo's Top 100 Viral Videos of 2017! We've collected the best videos from this year and are ready to serve them up to you. From bear attacks to creepy clams, playful pranks to kid catastrophes and everything in between, check out the top 100 for the silliest, craziest, and most relatable videos of the year. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments!Visit Parts 1-4 of the Top 100 for original video links!Part 1:

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**Snoopy**Ro ·
6B Liva Marie Köhler Juul - Oerkildskolen
3:23 \
22:15 not all heroes wear capes
Allen mclore Putin
26:18 though 😂😂😂😂😂
Amy M
António Paixão
the first is lucky that the sea-lion don´t **** the girl, then ****** her and finish with ***** *** *****!!! that would be worst
Anu H
the bread winner is so cute i love it
Ashley Robinson
Ashlynn Kim
BOY even i didn't be like that when I take out my blood and plus I am 7 years old I did a lot of taking blood out.
Av Gor
Favorite quotes everyone? \n“I’m not ready for kids”
Ava Lowery
Is it just me or have I seen almost none of these? 😂\n\nEdit: holy crap! So many likes! Thxxx
Aviation Group
18:38 and on our virgi$&
Bad Drivers of Bangalore
Some of these videos don't deserve to have gone viral
Bethany’s Vlogging Life
22:41 even the jeeps are angry
Big Nigga
A tip for next years video: instead of using cheesy catch phrases as the viral video titles, use the title of the original video title for each number - that way these people can get a little bit more credit - and we can find the videos easily if we want to watch the full length versions.
Charlize Amos
20:58 - me trying to achieve in life
Christopher Aleman
Who else has never seen these
Collin Graven
0:50 best dad of the year award
Elena Castaneda
Elena !!! 😂😹😹☠️
Emma Syme
I’m sorry but that creature in the last one high key looks like dr Phil🤔
Erica Kennedy
In russia carwash washes you
Esther Montalvo
11:19 made me cry because of my cat socks died when he was 2 years old when he had organ failure we were sad really sad he was so young ): ): ): ):
Ethan :D
Introducing the new bangs 1:18
Ethel Glenda
I luv #49 at 13:25 winey baby
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First name Last name
11:29 me and my sister fighting
Frogman 06676
15:53 0.24x is perfect.
Gina Lungwitz
Would I be savage if I said that I watched this in 2018? :)
Gracie Ireland
3:52 are they ok?...😰
Hacker Slapper
Hadi Arslan
ok youtube ill watch this video
Hatcher1819 Roblox
3:18 When he says “They just follow me”, he sounds like Bruno Mars... Am I the only one who thinks that?... I think so.. aaand the rest of the words he says after that also make it sound like Bruno. Ooh maybe the ducklings new it was him and started to follow him like a crowd of people that are fans. :P
3:24 \
Holvofox 98
I hope that little kids parents didn't go to jail for growing slot of \
I amcarbonandotherbits.
The guy with leg cramps. I suffered with the same thing for years, Used to wake me up at night. Then I was told about Quinine Sulphate and from the day I started using it no more cramps.
28:55 he lost his sunglasses....Why!!??!?
Jacob Lee
This is me on a Monday morning 25:20
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Kailah Fale
Why is no one liking my comment😢
Kate the Great 18
22:05 wow and no one came to help...\n\nWhat great parenting 😒
Katie Hanifin
Kirra_ 505
*Watches in 2018*
KitKat Myra
Replay buttons 😂\n2:37
Lupita Perez
on 0:37 hey that looks Like Erick rowan from wwe
Magnus Berland
24:45 How’d they even get it on the fence in the first place??
13:05 what is this?
Half of these I didn’t even see during 2017 lol.
Only at newton resort
Missy Cabic
That couple with the E-Y-E-S joke was adorable! Made me literally LOL 😂
15:32 💜
Noah Kolster
Noice Snake
Sub and like vids and I will do same thing
Not Awesome T.V
28:54 Rip sunglasses
Nyla Beasley
I absolutely love the second one!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 0:54
Oli ._.
Why are there so many snaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeees😩😫😭
Olivia Langdale-Hunt
0:55-1:11 Is Me Trying to Pass my Exams
Picket Pants
If someone puts their feet on your armrest during a flight, simply lean over and drool all over them. I can promise that their feet will swiftly move.
Pretty Uel
Is the girl alright?....
Purple Rosette
The guy with the baby ducklings \nMan I'm not ready for kids XD died laughing
Queen Yandere
Rajdeep Buragohain
Snake lay eggs I think🙄🤔🤔
Raney Day
Rohit T
29 minutes of joy 🤗🤗🤗
Sharkman 099
0:07 When you played too much GTA 5
Sherl Foster
our body den our bvinas XD
Solar _
I'm kind of concerned that \
Sophie Davis
5:00\n\n\nWhat was close??
Space duck
Number 101: this video
Spencer B
A moment of silence for that nice mans sunglasses
Squirtle 9000
15:54 When bae says she’s home alone
Number 58 was my favourite, i didnt have a kitten yet and i cried watching it, now i have 3 cats and 4 cute kittens 🐱
Suk Dennison
Jumping right into water in a fractions of seconds when a sea creature snatched his daughter.that is what a parenting love.impressive!
Sykie Bro
How to make a top comment:\r\n1. Say something about the background.\r\n2.Say : who is watching in 2017/2018?\r\n3.Say a random joke.\r\n4. Do what I am doing now.\r\n5. Make a list.\r\n6. Being LazarBeam and saying something.\r\n7. Doing the \r\n\r\n\r\nRead more \r\n\r\nJoke\r\n\r\n\r\n8. Making a long comment.\r\n9. Say : like if you still reading\r\n10. Saying a meme.\r\n11. Saying : Hi random person scrolling through the comments!\r\n12. Copy pasting like me!\r\n13. The notification squad thing.\r\nLike if you agree ( also one :D )
Thaynara Miss good girl
3:27 when mum leaves father with baby comes home to see the father turned her baby into Michael Jackson lol \nL\nLi\nlol\nLike\nLike o\nLike Om \nLike omg \nLike om \nLike o\nLike \nLik \nLi \nL
The Trash
last one is NO JOKE, it maybe cute but is actually feeding with small animals not just fish, therefore girl was food, so DROP THE PHOOCKING PHONE AND JUMP AFTER THE GIRL, *IF YOU WANT HER ALIVE* YOU GOD DAMN MF *STOOBID* MF !!!!\n+++ for the old one who didn't hesitate at all, not even for a little bit and that make the difference ...1/10 a second late, and girl will be under FOR GOOD, as the \
TheTaylor Gamer
lol this has so many views that this video is viral
Tiger Girl
The cramp one he needs to see a doctor about that 😬😖
Tobias Dettinger
This is dumber than anything i ever seen before. Humanity reached another level of stupidity.
U R S Z E J;—;
13:24 hahahahaha
Why Why
Now this is what I call yt rewind
10:12 I feel u bro
Yoniee B Birch
The robotic hug was adorable
0:49 *They see me rollin*
Zanation A.R.M.Y
😄\n ☺\n ☺☺\n ☺☺☺\n ☺☺☺☺\n ☺☺☺ \n ☺☺\n ☺
Really hope those baby ducks found their mum
dreefree 122
I would like an explanation for number 50
garra 317
6:30 so cute
21:51 omg not funny 😢 1 like = good luck for those two babies
I just watched all 100 of these and I've never even seen 1 lol
m7md_ the_king
November 2018?
ndunguna fiston
to much YouTube for today....
Tbh, I would have preferred this video instead of YouTube rewind 2017
8:21 Calculated
xavi5300 xavi5300
26:23 face palm