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Music:1)Дэн Петров – Стерва | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*How can I help you?-You can give me some money. )*Where are you from?-I from Russia*When are the videos coming out?-On Tuesday and Friday *Where do you get these girls?-With a Tik Tok*How long do you have to mount?-Girls search, music search, editing, take about 4 hours*Where are the subtitles?-Had to remove the subtitles, so the video came out more often. The number of clips in the video was also reduced.Was 19, became 15.With the growth of the channel, the subtitles come back, they will be better---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Buying advertising - [email protected]--------------------------------------------------------If you are the author of video or audio and you do not like it, please contact me by email - [email protected]Если вы автор видео или аудио и вас задевает использование вашего контента, то прошу связаться со мной по email адресу - [email protected]

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