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Here are 50 World Records were people went above and beyond all expectations of whats physically possible! Here we take a look at a few people that completed crazy and just plain insane stunts to win a world record!

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3:25 its theretically the fastest but it will never go that fast, this vid was obviously uploaded by a stupid, uneducated person who thinks buggatis are allways the fastest
#44. Have you ever wondered what is going on inside their head?
Won’t subscribe to you until you quit with all the random clips letting us know that it’s the worlds fastest channel and who sponsors it. Clearly for extra time on videos pretty sad
Abdul Subhan Ali
Aditya K
Wht if that women at 4 fingers a women (heavenly euporia)
Anthony Jones
That mathematics dude got a spirit telling him the answers he cud be some high ludge man!
Antony 303
13:22 the fastest car in the world is the Devel Sixteen.\nYou can drive it only in Dubai
Arya Shah
2:11 HOW?
Ashley thorn
Fastest and fastest why not slowest?
23:10 he fingered a girl once. She will be missed
MISTAKE - the pronghorn is the fastest animal in the world.
12:15 You forgot to close the brackets
#32 Is just real life goth Ness
Bonnie Sanders
Asia has the WEIRDEST game shows...
The Bruce Lee table tennis clip is proven to be fake.
Ha nobody could defeat my record when I fap I cum in 2 seconds try that
CcC Mehmet
25:30 Kenan Sofuoglu
There are way faster pit stops in f1
Chairil Ali Art
Courtney Bahena
5:22 poor sheep
D. A. jr Gabriel
I run the fastest in my life when i was chase by a dog.
18:00 the guy doesn't actually tap that fast, he just shaved the chalk so that when you move it it skips
Deniz Arda Arslan
yaşasın türkler buradan izliyorlarsa selam /türkün gücü
Eric Kobayashi
33 is a lie the fastest street legal car is the Koenigsegg Agera RS Record Edition
Evan Woods
#28 fastest?
Filip KZ
10:18 WTF is that possible?!
Foxy Supper
French Fries
#17. Try hard with a trigger finger
Gamer Ki Duniyaa
This is fast forwarded by computer not real
, get ur facts right, koenigsegg holds the record for fastest car? at 284, chiron never broke 265
Haddah Productions
5:33 one like is on more dollar for the sheeps
Hell Hound
#33actually doesnt even have to move his hand up and down just tilt the chalk a certain way and it vibrates on on the board
Isahak Mohamed
Fastest rapper is eminem
J Clar
Sure we would all like to be the fastest at something. Other than clapping.. sorry I would never want to be known as the world's fastest clapper. There's just something weird and wrong about it
Jason Un
Put it in 2x speed and it's very fast
Jesstin William
18:30 but you just said the world's fastest car was ghetto chiron at 288mph?
Jiefu Qu
clapper? unhook bra? I mean how boring is this world?
Jimmy Tweedale
was number 27 and 28 a troll? lol
Katara of the Southern Water tribe.
@14:41 Sure he is great, but there are many more beatboxers out there who are on the same level/even better. To name a few: BGM, NaPoM, Codfish/BunnyF1uff, D-Low, Kenny Urban, Hiss, Reeps One etc. etc.
King Chris
What's the song at the beginning
Krister Pettersson
Fastest car 2017....NOT
3:15 ost pls
Lucas Romero
Well my record is doing nothing producing in a month ha top that
L’artiste Oui-oui
Moi je suis précoce ça compte ? 🤷\u200d♂️
Marius Bringsrud
6:49 what is global warming?
2.01\n\nEminem: (Hold my beer)
Mion Moin
The Bugatti Chiron is not faster than 420 kph
Mr. 3F
I like #21
Nerd Musk
The Bruce Lee bit is just an advert for Nokia's N96 phone.
Nero Mauritzen
*Watches and experiences worlds fastest ejaculation*\n\nWell they ain't lying...
Tom Thum isn't the best beatboxer. He's just well known because of his TED video.
Pavel Sidhu
R4Z3 INB14Z3
*Fastest nut?*
Rahul J
12:30 \nI can make that sound too!\n*pulls pants down*
Ryan May
I've seen #14, shockwave is a jet powered truck at Rockingham speedway/ drag strip\nMy dad knows the owner, I used to go there all the time
Sean Lazaro
Shadow Pooler
23:27 I know that guy named sean he my friend
ShadowFabi YT
Nice Video
Silverhawk Wallace
SplytSecond undaground choppers look it up
Simon Ingram
The Bruce Lee table tennis is fake.
SkillerTV #
That fast “rap” had me laughing. That was about 97% mumbled noises. The lyrics were pointless since the noises he made weren’t the actual lyrics on screen.
Stan Holt
no ads on keepvid
Suraj Kumar
2nd is fake
1:47 Geometry dash's demon
9:13 why is this a thing
Tax Olson vlogs
Those poor sheep
Taylor Lawson
I forgot my towel once after a shower and ran to my room in 2.67 seconds flat. Can we add that?
Tejas 1718
bruse lee was a legend
Thomas Palin
#38 koenigsegg is the 1:one not agera
Troy Bavelaar
18:59 when bae says she not home, but her parents are
I'm so sick of these Tik Tok ads
Wendry Alguerro
9.08 the funny 👙😂😂🤣🤣
26:39 the guy on the right is the worlds best chess player and hes Norwegian
14:20 so...that is a \
aka Godrih
But video witch Bruce Lee it's fake. And Koenigsegg Agera RS 2017 World Record 284 MPH - 457 KM/H it's fastest car officially confirmed this, Bugatti Chiron only do 0-400-0, but with 2 place.
28:00 That guys not following common core so all his answers are wrong.
android gaming
Slow for me
cEEdaY beam
6:23 when I try to build in fortnite
Faster rapper don’t think so! No ones faster then bone thugs bizzy bone. Plus this guy ain’t no rapper.
juust wow
OMG! That wushu fight! Is that even possible!?
loveleen singh
Bruce lee should be on #27
#2 is obviusly not a fight bu a preformance neverttheles it is stil inpressive.\n\n#5 a rap can be designed to be simple to do fast. you want inpressive go for fastest talker cuz that is a sequense that is not designed for speed like raps can be. i say raps can be designed to be fast in a way like using words that can melt into the next so you dont have to pronaounce the hole word to get the meaning. or have sounds that you are able to go from 1 sound to another fast. and with that you can designe a rap that uses those teknices and others to sirculate betwen close sounds to be able to speak faster than you normaly can. just like some guitar songs sounds extremely hard but you just barely move your left hand while wibrating your right to make lots of sounds that are realy pretty simple to do. \n\n#8 this is not fast at all it is just inpressive cordination \n\n#10 shure inpressive but alot of peopele can do the same so he is not unice at all. he opens his throate so he does not need to swalow. Theo nly thing you can cal inpressive is hwo face he gets the water oute of the bottle.\n\n#12 that is not fast he got an eternety before the ball arives. if you want fast use the same force and not move away. they move away to have more time.\n\n#21 i belive it to be face as a normal ping pong ball wil be shaterd by the force he is using. it is normal for balls to break eaven with a normal raced try using a woden stick and swing it that fast and i am pretty shrue the bal wil break. + it seams that in some whots he hits upwards and the bal goes down and other directions. + if it was not staged they wil not have wilingly shot the ball so he can hit it withoute moving every time.\n\n#26 corection it is not the fastest CAR by far the fastest can record is WAY past the speed of sound. this is the fastest PRODUCTION car. a car that you as a consumer can buy. and if i am not mistaken this car doesn ot hold the top speed record set. it was the previus one. tho this might have a top speed that is higer i belive it is not proven on a track \n\n#27 shure he is fast on a trained rutine vs oponetnts that never does anything unexpected you want real fast lets see him in a real fight vs someone on the same level or at least the closest if you say he is THE fastest\n\n#29 tho it is the fastest in my mind it is a useles record if you only have 1 shot per barrel. the record is useles to me until they can fire from reservs not only prepared bulets in every barrel.\n\n#31 extra detail while closing in on top speed the engine works more like a ram jet\n\n#33 he jsut vibrates his hand everyone can do that he just knows how to move while he is doing it.\n\n#33 agein wy do you have 2 #33? and wy do you have 2 fastest car\n\n#37 wy do you use official now does that mean that everything else is unoficial and the hole video other than this is bull oh wow\n\n#45 the record in 3x3 if i am nto mistaken is 4.2 so way faster than him\n\n#46 he is not hte fastest GAMER he might be the fastest in THAT GAME but nto the fastest gamer as a hole. cuz if pressing the buttons fastest is considers the fastest GAMER then jsut make a game where you can jsut mash butons and you get point for how fast you mash then the fastest in that wil be the fastest gamer?\n\n#50 it was not fast it jsut played incredebly smart.
Unless you are familiar with each of these activities or motorsports or whatever, you have no idea many times what you have just watched. That being said I was impressed with many of these clips, but at the same times many times had no idea if I should be impressed because I had no idea what even took place.\nWhat I find more entertaining is the many comments here from geeks who \
midorya izuku12312
5:20 harry Potter
nemanja jovanovic
17:55 not a fast hand , its just a way you hold and push the chalk
never mind
Does cumming in 2 sec count?
rajeev mammachan
The world record for a rubies cube is actually by Feliks Zemdegs at 4.73 secs
2:02 he wasn't world fastest rapper
sayra barrera
sompoch puangprakhon
ตอบเทนนิสอ่ะ ลงทุนเวอร์ๆ
ta la
اول عربي
5:40 looks so mean the goats
the bruce lee ping pong is fake
wtf sam ja gledao
First...... \n\n\n\n\n\nEdit: no one cares
༺Boy Red༻ [LockSport]
the guy with the chalk does not have a fast hand lol, you just point the chalk at a 45 degree angle, the friction will make it jump like that, it takes a bit of practice but its nothing special.