Best Moments of Respect and Fair-Play in Sports 2018

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Best Moments of Respect and Fair-Play in Sports 2018.Try To Watch This Without CryingLike, Share and Subscribe, Thanks!

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Came for the thumbnail doe🤙
Adam Gurney
Omg so cute I’m crying
*Humanity stands first in some situations*
Wow so dumb ... repeat some clips so you have over 10 min of content so you can make money
Ana lovegrove Falomir
2:16 the kids smile... it’s sooo cuteeeee. You can tell he was happy 😊 it makes me so happy\n(Edit) not even 24 hours and 218 likes... but... that boys smile tho 😍 😍😘
Anna Best
Der junge ohne Hände und Beine ist so süß mein Respekt 🤞\nThe Boy with no hands and no legs is so sweet my Respekt 🤞
Art Nogales
porque entraste por la miniatura :,v pervertido :pd subo dibjos kawaiis
Ashanti Green
I am from the county where Usain Bolt 3:41 is born and I didn't know that he hugged fellow runners. I'm do proud of the people in this video, keep in making more videos like this .
*1. Sees the thumbnail.*\n*2. Immediately clicked.*\n*3. Went to the comment section to see if there's a hero.*\n*4. Saw the comments saying this is clickbait.*\n*5. Left this comment and leaves this video.*
Bangtan Sonyeon damn
*This restore my faith in humanity*
Bema Joy
BetoVsky V2
Mmmm...😘la miniatura
Bianka :D
Todos hablando en inglés acá.... alguien que hablé español??
Binyot co.
Great clickbait
Biswajeet Bharali
Thumbnail is click bait
my faith in humanity would've been further restored if the woman in the thumbnail was in this video but since she wasn't i'm rather disappointed.
Cenima Richard
Corazón baliente
Christos P
No matter if we are opponents\nWe all are HUMANS
Claire Castle
Don’t listen to all the people who say clickbait. It’s not. And it’s fine if you repeat clips who cares. GREAT video! Love knowing that people in sports aren’t always just stuck ups!
Craeg Cabiles
Roses are red\nViolets are blue\nI got clickbaited by a butt\nAnd so did you😂
Crys Pro Gaming
Music pls?
Dany Guillèn
Hola, por favor alguienme puede decir que música utiliza?
Daria K •-•
Why is this the same music that everyone uses for this type of videos lol
That thumbnail isnt very respectful.
Diakonidzeee Vaja
6.4k dislike 😕\nWhyyy????\nFk
4:49 - I'm in the same running club as them (the Brownlee brothers). :)
Emilia Inflame
First of all: Clickbait. Also u repeat clips. Wtf? Why?
Enrique Peña Nieto
Entre por la miniatura pero valió mucho la pena
1 like = respect and people who dislike get a life and care for our world
Faith Wilson118
This almost made me cry.
Why were so much repeated
Ginja Ninja
Don't like the vid but like the thumbnail 😉
Google map guide
καταρχην αυτη στο thumbnail ειναι η βουλα παπαχρηστου και δν ηταν σωστο που εκμεταλευτηκατε την εικονα...τουλαχιστον αν δειχνατε οντως ενα αλμα της ή κατι που εκανε και εκεινη δν θα ηταν τοσο ασχημο...να σεβεστε
Grace _B
I have no context to most of these so they don’t seem like people being kind but just people being people
HeyoItzAngel A
I love soccer it's a great sport cuz when ever u bump into somebody or even did nothing u say sorry xD and lots of people ask r u ok and r so caring for every body\nEdit: and alot of sports so many people care about each other I wish the whole world was like that! :D don't judge meh English...
I Go By Trigger
I started crying
Jada Kiensler
We need this more in our life!!😁😊😘👍
Julienne Manda
*This is why were a Family,and have a big heart💜💜💜*
Juraj Marković
Girl on thumbnail is papachristou
When the guy came jumping to save the other guy ....... Respect level infinity
Kacee Gowans
2:10 ❤️❤️so sweet\nHe's so happy melts my heart
Kim Jong 2
10:02 Ronaldinho !
King Crown
My favorite was the boxing❤❤❤
@ 2:57 the guy on the left has spilt his head dang man
Levin Loay
And what about the only nfl in a year that bowed down to the anthem
Lilia Mihaylova
The first one who help,was Grigor Dimitrov,he is from Bulgaria.Me too.Everybody who read this comment shout Google Bulgaria and lurn what is ,,баница\
Lilouu u
MFTV 4.0
Respect & Fair-Play ft. Carles Puyol 00:26 , Cristiano Ronaldo 1:44 , Novak Djokovic 3:12 , Serena Williams 9:15 , Ronaldinho 9:58 ...
Maddie Cass
What song is this
Marie Therese Ehuy
Parler francais svp
Max Flores
2:05 La Sonrisa En la Cara De Ese Niño No Tiene Precio.
Mixed Up
But the thumbnail tho... 😂
Motoguille 005
Min 5:19 a ese chico le conozco debido a un tumor maligno que yo tuve y el uno benigno que le paralizo todo el cuerpo un gran amigo Alvaro
MrRicardinho Oficial
cá estava eu me perguntando porque eu estava assistindo esse vídeo, daí voltei na tumb e vi uma bunda. Tá explicado kkkkkjk
Music name pls?
Natalie and Maggie
3:00 did they not see the other bloody guy laying down?
99.9 people that watch this video came because of the thumbnail
PJ Davies
2:12 that boys smile really made my day
56 I feel bad for boy
Paige Schneider
Did anyone else cry? nope just me ok thanks for the likes guys :)
PooL DaeD
The best athletes in world's are not those who always win the game or those who finish first, not those who score the highest, but those individuals that wont leave their fellow athletes behind there back knowing that they are still a winner in everyones heart.
Post for Jokes
This videos is beautiful
Rachel Kidd
This is amazing.
Radost & Eli
0:13 Grigor Dimitrov from Bulgaria 🇧🇬❤❤❤
Rose Sedeek
0:47 *made me cry :c it's so beautiful watching children do what they love even thoe they might be different ❤️*
S4 Dearly
You repeated clips Man thats weak stealing
XDDDDD Algunos pobrecitos🙃😓😂😂
*I'm not crying you are...*
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Silent Night
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Skill Bro
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Slender eye
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Socially_ Deprived
you weren't really respecting that lady with dah thumbnail tho
Stella Harris
The boy at 0:58 he is good even if he’s little and does not have arms or legs
Best moment in the world!!!!
#Respect \n#RealHero
Tia Lkr
I give up I cried😭😭
Tommaso Volpi
Turbo Turabi Official
You weren't really respecting that lady with dah thumbnail tho
Two Peas in a Pod
Watching this makes me so happy! 😃 😊
Umar Adliyan Syah
15:43 thanks me later\n\n\n\n\n\nHahahaahhahah, just kidding
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Why that thumbnail tho?
Valerie Vlogs
At least they were treated with respect ✊ some aren’t
Roses are red \nViolets are blue\nI clicked for the thumbnail\nAnd so did you
Yme1234 Jo
HERE for the respect not the ass
YoungJae X
New rule in sport....showing your butt is respect......if I score a goal next time I'll show my butt(respecting the opponents)
anime prank
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Respect pour ceux qui en ont
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Awww so sweet of them helping each other
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